Our processing facility located in Western Ukraine, which is a very ecologically cognizant area.


All product are sourced from our own fields and from small local farmers. This simplifies the quality control before and during the process.

S.B. FROZEN FOODS, LLC is a new company with foreign investments from Poland, USA and Kazakhstan.

We specialize in freezing berries, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

Our factory is equipped with modern equipment to freeze and store the products.

The products are delivered from out own fields and from local farmers, which gives us the ability to control the quality of our process throughout  it's full cycle.

Harvesting and processing is done by hands.

Our processing facility is located in Western Ukraine, in Ivano-Frankivsk region which is a very ecologically cognizant area.

A short distance from western borders of Ukraine gives us a logistical advantage and easy access to major highways that lead to the EU.

All of our products are frozen with IQF technology which preserves vitamins and product properties.

High quality is the primary goal of S.B. Frozen Foods, so the process of growing, sorting and packing complies with the European quality and safety standards.


We have chosen the best local farmers which are located close to our facility to ensure a streamlined process.


At out factory we use cutting edge equipment to freeze and store the products.

Berries and Fruits

Vegetables and Mushrooms

Walnuts & Seeds

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